The Summer and Fall in Willcox are festive, whether illuminated by the clouds during a lightening show in the  mountains or sitting back, drinking a fine Willcox country wine.   

Wings Over Willcox - January 17-20, 2019

If you enjoy bird watching and the outdoors you've come to the right place. Willcox area has more species of birds that anywhere in North America where some of the most amazing and colorful birds come and showoff just for you. So break out your binoculars and cameras for a time that may never happen again. Willcox is Arizona's mecca for wintering Sandhill Cranes, Raptors, and Sparrows.  The 3rd week in January is the annual Wings Over Willcox Birding and Nature Festival. There are tours to see wildlife, free seminars, kids activities, and more. If you would rather a more private tour or are coming at a different time we have a couple of Field Guides who will take you on an amazing journey to see spectacular birds and more. Click on the American Kestrel to take to the festival web site.

Wines produced in the Willcox region carry their own unique Arizona signature and stand among wines made anywhere in the world. We invite you to visit our tasting rooms and enjoy our locally grown and produced wines.

If you like the outdoors , Willcox isn't far from some of the most beautiful hiking trails you will ever see.