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Membership Fee Schedule

Business Classification

To include general business, agri-business, and production agriculture.
Employees* Membership Fee
1-5 $ 135.00
6-15 $ 185.00
16-49 $ 435.00
50-99 $ 510.00
100 or more $ 600.00
*Based on full time equivalents, not to include seasonal workers.
Business Members shall be any person, firm, association, corporation, partnership, or other business entities having an active business interest in Willcox and its vicinity; to include entities whose principle occupation is that of producing agriculture products for market.

Other Membership Classifications

Associate* $ 135.00
Couple** $ 90.00
Individual** $ 60.00
Non-Profit $ 60.00

*Associate Members shall be any person, firm or organization doing business in Willcox and its vicinity that do not maintain an office or place of business in the Willcox area.

**Individual Members, Couple, or Non-Profit Organization shall be any person, civic or religious organization not fitting in any other membership category that desires to support the objectives of this organization.

Premier Sponsorship

Our Gold, Silver, and Bronze Sponsors provide additional support to the Chamber by voluntarily increasing their annual dues. These special members receive recognition in our monthly newsletter and on our website.
Gold member: $1,000 to $1,999, plus dues
Silver member: $250 to $999, plus dues
Bronze member: $50 to $249, plus dues
(one time recognition in newsletter)

Information on member benefits available HERE.