Why should I become a member?

Every person has different needs and motivations for joining and becoming involved in the Chamber of Commerce activities. Here are some ways to become involved, support your community, and get the best return for your business or individual investments.

Business Referrals

The Chamber of Commerce has many opportunities to direct potential customers to businesses of the greater Willcox area. Member businesses are referred to first, while non-member businesses are suggested only when a member business is unavailable. The Chamber also provides brochures that list member businesses in certain categories to travelers, individuals, and businesses that request information regarding vacation travel or relocation searches. The Chamber's Web page can link directly to your Web page.


The Chamber organizes and sponsors many opportunities for networking and exposing your business throughout the year. The monthly luncheons, the quarterly membership meetings, and the monthly newsletter to keep you informed are just a few opportunities provided to cultivate new business relationships and maintain old ones.

Support Economic Development

The Chamber is committed to its partnership with the City of Willcox in economic development of the City and surrounding areas. It is as integral part of each year's program of work to develop and attract new businesses to our area and to develop business retention and expansion programs for our existing businesses. Your membership investment has a direct impact on the success of these efforts.

Committee Work

The Chamber has various divisions and sub-committees to oversee the work of the Chamber. The committees deal with a wide range of issues and events, and by becoming involved your expertise will help these committees gain insight on community issues. Your membership not only helps finance the work and success of the committees, but the investment of your time is a valuable investment in your community.


Chamber Web Site  
Business Listing Members Only N/C
Provide a link to your web site Members Only N/C
Business Referrals Members First
Business Cards/Brochures placed at the Visitor Center Members Only N/C
Membership Directory Members Only N/C
Newsletter Inserts Members Only $15

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