WILLCOX Cowboy Hall of Fame inductees


Marvin Hudson was born April 14, 1945, and has lived in Willcox his entire life. He has one sister, Carol, and one brother, Bonnie. His parents are Jim and Chuckie Hudson.

Marvin went to grade school (grades 1-8) at the El Dorado School, a one-room schoolhouse at the foot of the Chiricahua Mountains. He was one of 12 ranch kids that included the Hudsons, the Riggs, and the Amalongs. Upon graduation Marvin rode a small van to attend high school in Willcox. Marvin said, "One of the biggest influences on me during high school was Ag teacher, Page Bakarich. Mr. Bakarich sure provided lots of information about agriculture."

During his high school days, Marvin roped at the high school rodeo in Douglas and would go to the Fourth of July events in Webb. Marvin also loved his cars, a '57 Chevy, and his '62 Chevy that could really run. He was 16 years old with very fast cars. He said, "How I ever lived through it I have no idea, but I did."

In 1967, Marvin married Maureen O'Connor, and they have one son, Jimmy, and a grandson Cash. In 1969, Marvin started working for his Dad, and he was responsible for the new farm ground opened up on the Hudson Ranch. Four years later, the Rancho Sacatal was added to the operation. A great ranch with good farm ground has been a great combination for the past 38 years. Marvin runs Brangus/Angus cows and brands the cross crow foot brand.

From 1969 until 1987, Marvin roped all across Arizona and New Mexico in PRCA rodeos with his Dad. They roped together in the Rex Allen Days Rodeo in 1986, but when his Dad passed away in 1987, Marvin hung up his ropes and has roped very little since. To fill that void of time, Marvin, and his son Jimmy got involved in race cars, and Marvin was once again a mechanic on a fast car. Marvin served as the Willcox Sheriff Posse captain for 3 years.

Marvin is a quiet man who just does his work without a lot of fanfare. He loves his horses and his grandkid, and if he had to do it all over again, he wouldn't change anything.

Written and presented by Eddie Browning