WILLCOX Cowboy Hall of Fame inductees


The following biography was written at the time of Mr. Stansberry's induction.

Alfred Leroy Stansberry was born in Shamrock, Texas. Stansberry was a Texas rancher.

On St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, 1934, Stansberry married Mary Afton McClesky. The couple began their life together on a ranch 14 miles out of Chistoval, Texas. While living in Texas the Stansberrys had three daughters, Janell, Vonnie and Linda.

In 1948, the family moved to Arizona to take up ranching on what was known as the McGurk Ranch. The McGurk ranch was near Bonita and located southwest of the 76 Ranch they would someday own.

The 76 Ranch was originally founded by a Mr. Bell in 1876 very near to the old Fort Grant Cavalry Post. W.T. Webb became the next owner of the 76 Ranch. His death left his wife with financial problems and she began the 76 Guest Ranch. Buster Noelke was in charge when brothers Alfred, Milton and John Stansberry purchased the ranch in the 1950's. The 100 section ranch once again became a working cattle ranch, specializing in Brangus cattle.

Eventually the partnership between the three brothers was dissolved and Alfred and Mary became the sole owners.

For several years, Stansberry owned and operated a 2,700 section ranch with a 75-mile coastline in Australia. However, Mary's illness brought the couple back to Arizona to settle down.

The Stansberrys have seven grandchildren and several great grandchildren. Seventy eight years old at the time of his induction, Al still keeps close tabs on the ranch, with assistance from his children and grandchildren. The ranch is a family operation.