WILLCOX Cowboy Hall of Fame inductees


The following biography was written at the time of Mr. Lawson's induction.

Chuck Lawson was born September 25, 1913 on the Pool Ranch on the San Pedro River. He was raised on the old Muleshoe Ranch at Hot Springs 30 miles west of Willcox, where he moved when he was very young. When he was fourteen he left the Muleshoe Ranch. After school he worked on the Gunterman Ranch, west of Willcox and also at Magdalena, New Mexico.

During World War II he served in the 158th Infantry (Bush masters) for four and one-half years, serving three years overseas. After Pearl Harbor he went to Panama and then to Australia. Soon after reaching Australia he went to New Guinea where he spent about two years, including a number of islands near New Guinea.

He then served in Luzon in the Philippine Islands from where he returned home in 1945. He received the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star.

In 1946 he purchased a small ranch just east of Willcox, worked on ranches near by and helped on round-ups on quite a number of ranches.

He has worked for the Soil Conservation Service as a Technician doing survey work on ranches and farms in parts of various counties.

He is still running his own cattle. He is married and has six surviving children.