WILLCOX Cowboy Hall of Fame inductees


The following biography was written at the time of Mr. Hall's induction.

Most old timers know Edward Hall as "Ned." He was the great nephew of the Monk Brothers. His grandfather was Ephraim Monk.

Edward Norman Hall (Neddy) was born October 3, 1916 to Grace and Norman Hall. She was 39 years old when she married. Although she remained married till 1928, the marriage was not really compatible. This caused Ned to be split up between his father in Arizona and his mother in Los Angeles.

If the song, "Don't let your boy grow up to be a cowboy," was ever written for a specific person, it should have been Ned. He was a quiet boy and man. He refused to go beyond his second year of college. Ned was destined to be a rancher. He spent a lot of time with his father in Arizona. Ned began ranching small in 1937. Ned married Lupe Tellez in Solomon, Arizona. They built a beautiful home on 3rd and Washington Streets in Bowie, Arizona. Ned, his usual kind self, built a mother-in-law house next door to the big house.

Ned sold the last remaining land of the old Monk ranch to the Klumps. He both leased and bought ranch land all around the Cochise County, and bought a ranch in Hildago County, New Mexico. He was partners with Claude Fortenberry on the Red Top Ranch about 20 miles south of San Simon. Claude dropped out and Ned continued to use the Red Top for around thirty years. In the meantime Ned was partners also with Scotty Anderson in Price Canyon, for about twenty years before Scotty traded out of the partnership.

Ned and Jim Wilbourn of Douglas leased land and cattle together on the old Bagwell ranch near Portal. He pastured cattle on Mike Power's land on the old Foudy ranch in the Hereford area.

Ned's wife, Lupe Tellez died in 1981. Ned married again, seven years later, to Anabell Harper, a widow in Bowie, in July of 1988.

Ned and Anabell bought a home in Rodeo, New Mexico. Their home was once the old Rodeo schoolhouse.