WILLCOX Cowboy Hall of Fame inductees


The following biography was written at the time of Mrs. Larson's induction.

Born in Thatcher, Sabina Larson moved to Los Angeles where she graduated from college in 1936. She and her husband, Preston, lived in Los Angeles until her father asked them to come back to Arizona to help run a ranch in the Box Springs Canyon. "He took me kicking and screaming," Mrs. Larson said. After finally making it to the "bright lights," she didn't want to come back to Arizona.

"Preston didn't know a cow from a bull. His folks were merchants and bankers," Mrs. Larson said. She added that he was a very good businessman. "The longer we were there, the better we liked it."

Several years later, the Larsons moved into Willcox so their children would be closer to the high school. Mrs. Larson led an active life while living in Willcox. Along with being a charter member of the Willcox CowBelles, Mrs. Larson was a charter member of the Hospital Auxiliary and is still an actively involved member. She was also the secretary/treasurer for the American National CowBelles. Mrs. Larson also served as president of the Garden Club and was a member of a sorority. "I went to two or three meetings a day."

The family then moved to a ranch in Doming, N.M. Four years later, Tom Baker called and told the Larsons he'd sell his ranch near Bonita. "I was delighted," Mrs. Larson said. After looking at the ranch house, her husband asked her if she thought she could do anything with the house. "I can't want to get started," Mrs. Larson said. They moved into the house in 1960. Several additions and renovations later, Mrs. Larson still lives in the sprawling ranch house, "This is a. perfect location," Mrs. Larson said, "I'd go crazy living anywhere else. I like people, but I like to be alone, too. Not completely alone, Mrs. Larson at one time had 30 peacocks to keep her company. Having only one left, she said she lost many of them to rattlesnakes. Mrs. Larson told a story about one peacock that a rattlesnake killed. She went into her house, got a gun and shot the snake about four times. "I get a sadistic thrill out of killing a rattlesnake."

Sitting down at her kitchen table, Mrs. Larson stated, "I think 40 and I feel 50 but it ain't necessarily so." Of the depression years, Mrs. Larson said, "They weren't so bad. You didn't have to keep up with the Joneses because the Joneses didn't have anything."

"It's been a good wholesome life. There've been good times and bad times. We laughed a lot," Mrs. Larson said. "I've enjoyed it."