WILLCOX Cowboy Hall of Fame inductees


Charles Prude was born in 1913 at Fort Davis, Texas in mountain ranch country. His parents were Ora and Andrew Prude.

Prude's wish was to own his own ranch and live the ranching lifestyle. To fulfill that dream, the early years found him working for ranch hand wages and establishing a good management reputation.

In 1937, he married Helen Vincent. Together they shared the ranching efforts and successes and were able to achieve the wish of ranching life.

In 1941 a hundred head of steers were purchased, and put to graze on leased rough canyon country. It was a good year for rain and screwworms. One day a week away from his ranch job was given to checking the steers and doctoring wormies. The steers did well and at selling he cleared one thousand dollars. With four percent interest from Production Credit, cows were bought to replace the steers. Cows were placed to graze and calve on less rough country, again leased, and all progressed well.

The Frisco Ranch in Glenwood, N.M. was purchased first in 1947 followed by the Deer Creek Ranch in the Galiuro Mountains in 1951. The Deer Creek Ranch became his home for 15 years. It was a ranch of many forest acres-productive, beautiful and loved.

In 1966 he purchased the Halfmoon Ranch in the Dragoon Mountains. This remained the "home place" with headquarters at the entrance of the Cochise Stronghold Canyon.

Charlie cared about the cattle industry. He subscribed to trade journals for a larger view, talked with friends, wrote of his hopes for the industry to people he hoped would "read" him, and make donations. He appreciated the Cochise-Graham Cattle Growers Association and appreciated his term as its president. Everyone everywhere liked Charlie Prude. He was spoken of with affection. He returned the friendships.

In Charlie's written words, "We do not know what the hereafter holds but if it can equal this life on earth, you can rest assured 'Old Prude' will be mounted on a good horse riding to the highest point to offer thanks for all things. I love you all. Vaya Con Dios."

Charles Prude died October 31,1991.